How to Eat Better (hc) by James Wong

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How to Eat Better (hc) by James Wong

Forget the fads and learn how to select, store, and prepare your favorite foods for maximum health and nourishment. Between chasing the latest miracle ingredient and avoiding the evil food du jour, it’s hard to know what to buy at the grocery store. Tabloid headlines, trending hashtags, and deceptive advertising don’t make dietary decisions any easier, but this book will. It sidesteps all the fad diets and superfood fixations and provides a straight-talking scientist’s guide to making everyday foods measurably healthier and tastier by changing the way you select, store, and cook them. For example: •Select a Braeburn apple over a Fuji and instantly have double the antioxidants from a fruit that tastes just as sweet. •Store mushrooms on a windowsill and get a hundred times the vitamin D2 in just a couple of hours. •Cook broccoli with a teaspoon of mustard, and its cancer-fighting potential will increase tenfold. No obscure ingredients or crazy appliances here, just real food—along with more than 80 easy and delicious recipes—made simple and better through the latest scientific evidence from around the world.

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